Friday, October 4, 2013

Let's Click! Workshop | 2013

I am happy to report that our first Let's Click! Workshop was a great success! Maggie and I want to thank the wonderful ladies who participated. We had an awesome group of women who were ready to dive in and learn how to shoot in manual. We discussed so much, from the exposure triangle, to 'finding the light', to editing software and more. Our practice photo session at the end of the day was key in putting newly learned skills to the test. We look forward to keeping in touch and continuing to learn from each other through the Let's Click facebook group.

One question that came up was about camera bodies and the benefits of a newer or upgraded body. I found this awesome post written by another photographer and mom from California who also teaches workshops, that perfectly answers this question.

Maggie and I are already looking at dates for the next Let's Click!

A few photos from the day...

 I love wreaths ;)
Snacks to start the day. We ended the workshop with an amazing dinner made by Maggie! She promises to share her pulled pork recipe :)
 Our Let's Try It area
 And finally, the practice session with our awesome models!

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